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The shop is located on the 2nd floor

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GrillHouse - quality food with honest base ...
Fast food restaurants no longer have to be just about the unhealthy food and the bad living style. Fast food does not mean calorie, oily and fried. The GrillHouse Restaurant at the Mills Gallery on the 2nd floor offers all lovers of honest steaks, fresh pasta and crispy salads the original concept of dishes prepared entirely differently. Carefully marinated grilled specialties directly in front of customers' eyes attract their unique scent and great taste. At GrillHouse Restaurant we produce daily pasta that does not contain any additives, dyes or preservatives. We will always prepare them to meet your requirements so that we can deliver the very best quality. We also support the nutritionally balanced lifestyle of our customers, so we have prepared an extensive and healthy offer of vegetable salads. We always order fresh and quality ingredients, excluding flavorings with sodium glutamate and other additives or preservatives. Come and sample the right "trends" of the GrillHouse in the newly opened GrillHouse in the Millena shopping mall.

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