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McDonalds in the Slovak Republic
Year 1995
The first McDonalds Restaurant in the Slovak Republic was opened in Banská Bystrica in October.
Year 1996
The first McDonalds Restaurant in Bratislava was opened in May in the city center on Námestí SNP.
The first open-air franchise restaurant in Slovakia is located in Trnava near OMV's petrol station and Bill's shopping center. It was opened in October.
In Bratislava we opened the second restaurant McDonalds. It is located on the Lamačska cesta on the exit to Brno.
Year 1997
In Bratislava we opened the third McDonalds Restaurant in November. It is located on the Business Street in the city center.
Year 1998
In May, another McDonalds restaurant in Bratislava in the shopping center Soravia Shopping Center in Rožňavská Street was added in May.
The first franchise McDonalds restaurant in Bratislava and other Slovak McDonald's restaurant on Račianska Street, opened as the seventh McDonalds restaurant in Slovakia on December 11
Year 1999
The first McDonalds restaurant in Eastern Slovakia was opened, which is also the third McDonalds franchising restaurant in Slovakia. The restaurant in Košice on the street of Anti-fascist fighters (next to the swimming pool) was celebrated on July 17th.
Year 2000
In June we opened the sixth McDonalds Restaurant in Bratislava. It is a restaurant in the Danubia Shopping Center in Petržalka.
We opened the fourth franchising restaurant in Slovakia in November at the Polus Shopping Center on Vajnorská Street in Bratislava. It's already the seventh McDonalds Restaurant in Bratislava.
Year 2001
In April, McDonalds opened its first restaurant in Nitra, which is also the fifth franchising restaurant in Slovakia. In November 2001, two more restaurants were opened. One has become part of the AuPark shopping center in Bratislava and one of the largest McDonalds restaurants in Slovakia, in Žilina.
Year 2002
At the new shopping center Avion, the four-door McDonalds restaurant in Slovakia was opened in April 2002 at the Bratislava Harbor Bridge - Airport - Trnava. Its owner is McDonalds Slovakia s. r. about. In May, the second McDonalds franchising restaurant in Košice, the Optima Shopping Center, was opened. In the historic center of Bratislava, 16 restaurants in Slovakia opened in June 2002.
Year 2004
Currently, the McDonalds network of restaurants in Slovakia consists of 16 outlets in six Slovak towns. During its operation, McDonalds Slovakia invested 500 million SKK in our country. More than 850 employees work in McDonalds restaurants in Slovakia today. Every day we serve more than 20,000 customers in Slovakia.
Year 2007
The number of customers in 16 Slovakian McDonalds restaurants increased from 9,807 million. in 2006 to 11,114 million in 2007. Sales McDonalds in 2007 that exceeded the value of one billion and the total level reached 1,016,255,000 dollars, which compared to 2006 represents a nearly 21 percent increase. In 16 McDonalds operations 1076 workers work.
Department of franchising
McDonalds ČR, spol. s r. about.
Řevnická 170/4
155 21 Prague 5
Tel .: +420 222 007 111
Fax: +420 222 007 110
E-mail: ivo.lamich@cz.mcd.com

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