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  • Health, beauty and jewelry

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  • Mo-Su: 09.00 - 21.00

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0917/ 700 845, 037/3221 500

The shop is located on the ground floor

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101 The drugstore offers its customers approximately 6000 kinds of goods. The most important assortment included cosmetics - hair, facial and decorative, ladies' scents, as well as goods group care for gentlemen, oral hygiene, child care, and women's hygiene. No less important product group is household care - these are washing powders, cleansing and washing agents. Customers also find a wide range of hair haberdashery, candles, candles, chewing gums in stores ...

Assortment 101 The drugstore continually innovates, expands and adapts to the needs and demands of customers. Approximately 350-500 kinds of goods can be purchased by 101 Drogeries at discounted stock prices.

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