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Since 1997, BUSHMAN has been dedicated to the development and production of proper clothing that lasts almost everything. It combines materials, cuts and features of military, work and outdoor clothing. Because we also love to travel and love adventure, we know what people need on their travels.

Under the BUSHMAN brand, we have created over thirty practical and sophisticated collections of clothing and accessories that have helped to excel in our own special style of dressing. The collection is always based on proven products, their functionality and reliability have been tested for many years. We do not wear clothes for one season, we are not subject to current fashion and we try to keep our way - just like you.

In BUSHMAN hardwear you can walk in the mountains, walk through the forest or desert. Go out with a dog, fish, beer. Go to work, the field, the garden. You are always sure that they will hold you.

BUSHMAN is a brand of natural and unobtrusive clothing for people who always want to be a little closer to the nature, ready to enjoy everyday adventure, face the unpredictable, and feel relaxed in every situation, on every expedition. They love nature, travel, exploration, new challenges, and especially want to feel and look good. Our philosophy is to obey reason, but to let nature come to the word. It all means being BUSHMAN.

The best materials you can trust in your wilderness or city parks come from nature. We produce clothes almost exclusively from cotton, leather, wool, bamboo and flax. Traditional materials are processed in a modern way, so we are able to achieve superior properties and their truly long durability. In addition, clothes and equipment made of natural materials can easily be disposed of or recycled at the end of his journey. It's time to go!

All the news can be found from the comfort of home at  www.bushman.sk.

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