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The shop is located on the 1st floor

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BUSHMAN outdoor clothing and equipment is designed for men and women who love freedom and travel, exploration and adventure. They are ruled by intelligence but also by instinct and have a strong respect for nature. All the products we produce must be reliable and practical, and they must protect you reliably on your roads. We use almost exclusively natural materials, cotton, wool, flax, bamboo, leather, and so on. With modern processing and subsequent modification, we are able to achieve unmatched performance properties for individual products. We really care about what we do and how it affects the environment. We do not want the mountains of hard-to-digest waste to remain. Clothes and equipment made of natural materials can be easily disposed of or recycled at the end of their journey. Each year we create two new collections of clothing and accessories for the hot and cold period. We try to modify and upgrade individual products to meet the demands and demands of modern times. Nevertheless, the basis of the collection is always a well-proven product whose functionality and reliability have been tested for a long time. We do not dress for one season, we are not subject to fashionable swings, we try to go our way.

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