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Since 1908, Lee Cooper has been a "popular brand" in the world of fashion and especially in the world of authentic denim. The British company was founded in Morris Coopera's East End of London and was a global pioneer of casual wear, perfect for everyday activities and a pioneer of a classic, authentic denim that has been identified with Lee Cooper for more than 100 years.
The collection focuses on those who choose to wear models of this brand to express their personality, feel good and dare to be different than others.
KVL, Kenvelo is the international brand with the fastest expansion of all sports brands in Eastern Europe. Her history began in 1989 in Prague.
Brand strategy is constantly changing and therefore, in KVL stores, Kenvelo will be launching new products almost every day.
Timeout is an international brand of lifestyle. The goal of Timeout is to create an affordable lifestyle that embodies the unique path of free spirit in California.
The TIMEOUT brand was founded in California in 1973 by a group of young designers who were committed to launch a brand that would capture the positive lifestyle of California.
Seasonal Timeout collections offer a wide range of male, female clothing and accessories.
DNA Timeout is to provide high-quality products at affordable prices for all.
We produce clothing for people who require short-term casual wear and expect the highest quality and personalization that best complement them.

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