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Creativity and creativity have no boundaries! How do we know that? We live in Panta Rhei creatively and creatively ... and especially yours :-) Creative needs that are part of selected Panta Rhei bookshops and have been known as DaVINCI are now available under the PANTA RHEI CREATIVE brand. The name itself testifies to the fact that even in Panta Rhei, creativity has literally excited us. From handicrafts and hobbies, it has become a "do it yourself" trend, which enjoys people from handmade things all over the world. Let yourself take the path of your own fantasy and creativity. We bring you not only art instruments, materials of different kinds, semi-finished products and decorative items, but also books with instructions and inspiration. Surprise your loved ones with their dexterity and praise yourself with a hand-made gift. Do not like it, come in and let go of your fantasy!

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