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SCHOELLER´S Bowling & Coffee

  • Free time, fun and presents

Opening hours

  • Mo-Su: 09.00 - 21.00

Contact Information

037/3221 239

The shop is located on the 2nd floor

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8-track Bowling Brand Brunswick
a great selection of the best pralines 

Sport, fun, relax ... all this will give you the biggest bowling in Nitra. Eight new tracks of the best quality Brunswick technology are the perfect place for you and your friends as well as for professional gamers.

An unforgettable coffee experience, for your daytime daytime and a stylish setting where you forget your daily duties. A moment for you with a captivating scent.

The charming taste of Belgian chocolate is blended into shapes, flavors and fragrances that can not be resisted. The largest offer of pralibel pralibel is available in our country. For the intense taste of the day as well as the pleasure of friends.

The intimate atmosphere of the back bar is the right place for evening sessions. If you are looking for an undisturbed place during the day and you have good quality drinks, you are also in the right place. Social events, corporate parties and seating with friends, all this and much more at Bowling & Coffee & Pralines Shoeller's.

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